Kim Dao’s Plans for Leaving Japan

Kim Dao is known as one of the most popular YouTubers in the beauty and lifestyle section. For the last few months, she has been living abroad in Japan from her home in Australia, but in a recent video, Kim Dao unveiled in a recent video that she will move back home to Australia for a time, but she also has many other plans to keep traveling. Learn more:


Places Planned for Travels


At current, Kim Dao stated in her recent video that she has more traveling plans in the future. She has a project that she will be working on in South Korea, so she will be spending a total of two weeks there, but the time is split amongst two trips. The second, week-long trip lands right in the middle of her seven-week trip to Europe. Some places she plans to visit in Europe include London, Florence, and Berlin. After all of her travels, she plans to remain at her home in Australia. Learn more:


Meetups in Different Countries


During her travels, Kim Dao plans to try and schedule as many meetups with her fans in various countries as possible. In the video, she invites fans of her channel to contact her through social media and commentary on YouTube to let her know some of the most popular places where she needs to plan to meet with her fans. Learn more:




While Kim Dao plans to do much traveling and vlogging along the way, she notes that she never, really planned on staying in Japan for good. It took her almost three years to save for this extended visit, but she suggests that people who want to travel abroad should find ways to do so themselves in order to take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime.