Roberto Santiago Makes Provides a New Shopping Experience

Roberto Santiago has become this fierce leader that is taking Latin America by storm in Brazil. He has become one of the most intriguing people in for commercial properties, and the excitement surrounding his name is connected to the Manaira Mall that he has created. People that have never been to Brazil may not know anything about this mall, but tourists have been talking about it quite a bit. In fact, most people that have vacationed in Brazil will say that it is one of the best tourist attractions.


The Manaira Mall is the place that people want to shop if they are looking for a mall that has a little bit of everything. Roberto Santiago took his time and created a great mall that had lots of different things for people to consider. He has become a leader in the commercial real estate world in Brazil, and people are still praising him for a creation that he envisioned close to 30 years ago. It is quite an interesting concept when one considers the size of a mall like this.


Roberto Santiago was creating something that had not been done in Brazil or many other places. He knew that he would be on the verge of something interesting when he created a mall such as this, but he never realized that this model will continue to grow at the rate that it has grown so far. It appears that people are going to be much more impressed with the Manaira Mall. There are so many people that are talking about it through social media. There are a ton of different stores, and that has made it one of the more exciting parts of the tourism in Brazil.


Santiago has proven that he is a valuable part of the real estate structure in Brazil. He is someone that has dabbled in commercial real estate, and now he plans to build a another shopping center in Brazil that can cater to more people that are looking for a multi-faceted shopping arena. With the Manaira Mall, Roberto created an environment where people could hang out in bars or go to movies. He envisioned bowling alleys and a food court area all inside of a shopping center. This is something that many people had not become familiar with until they ventured into Brazil. Roberto Santiago has really proven himself to be a innovator when it comes to commercial real estate. This is one of the reasons that he has been celebrated so much in Brazil.


It is rather easy to see how Roberto Santiago became popular in Brazil if people take a look at his commercial real estate connections with the Latin shopping centers.