Healthy Sleep with Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Receiving enough sleep at night is very important for your overall health. Doctors say that getting 7-9 hours of sleep at night is optimal for the ordinary individual. Sleeping less than that will not be good for your health and negative effects will start to become noticeable. Sleep, whether the right amount or too little, is showed in your outward look and body health in general.

The human body is particularly reactionary and sleep has a big impact on appearance and well-being. Health specialists heavily advise anyone and everyone to consider the right amount of sleep a priority. There are many signs that can be observed for an insufficient amount of sleep at night.

Ever notice when people immediately inquire about your night in terms of sleep upon meeting? Well, most who do not get enough rest stand out in several ways. One distinct sign of a lack of proper sleep is a droopy mouth. A droopy facial expression easily presents someone as gloomy or sad. Other indications are saggy eyelids, swollen or red eyes and dark circles. All of these will make someone seem worn out.

Hair loss is a common side effect of a deficient quantity of sleep due to the slowing down of blood flow. As blood flow slows down, hair follicles are not as nourished and debilitates, resulting in hair loss. Another contributor of hair loss is too much stress, which causes the body to unleash cortisol, adding on to the loss of hair.

Want to avoid puffiness surrounding your eyes? Then make sure to get proper rest, as well as staying hydrated and elevating your head. When sleeping, blood flow is at a higher rate and causes the body to look healthier with a glow. A lack of appropriate sleep causes an uninspiring appearance.

With over 20 years under his belt, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been all over the sleep area and has been an inspiring innovator. He has helped many individuals overcome sleep apnea, which is a condition that hinders people from achieving the right amount of sleep. Dr. Weisfogel has formed several highly-valued programs that focus on receiving healthy amounts of sleep.

Dr. Weisfogel created a program called “Healthy Heart Sleep” that is meant to provide a platform where fellow health specialists can learn from. He then went on to form the company Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. Dr. Weisfogel has continued to be creative and improve the field of healthy sleep.