How Dr. Avi Weisfogel Uses Dentistry to Treat Sleep disorders

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects close to 18 million Americans. The condition affects all individuals regardless of their age or gender. Without proper treatment, living with this disorder can result in significant health complications that include daytime sleepiness, mood disorders, increased risk of heart attack and stroke and poor daytime function. A lot of people suffering from sleep apnea don’t realize that they have the condition. This is despite having frequent interruptions throughout the night.

Even with the high prevalence rate of this condition, there is still the need to do a lot of research in this field to come up with working solutions. Many aspects of sleep apnea remain to be a myth to many researchers and medical practitioners. There is a good number of researchers and doctors who have devoted their time to conduct thorough research on sleep apnea to help patients suffering from this condition. One such doctor who is working tirelessly to provide solutions to sleep apnea disorder is Avi Weisfogel.

Dr. Avi is a dentist based in New Jersey. He is a sleep apnea researcher and the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. Dr. Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters to help educate other doctors on how they can diagnose, identify and treat patients suffering from sleep apnea. Dr. Avi has been in practice for a long time, and he has carried out extensive research on the causes of sleep apnea and how the symptoms of this condition can be managed. Dr. Avi has been treating patients with sleep disorders as part of his general practice for more than two decades. Throughout his career, Dr. Avi has helped a lot of patients to experience some relief and improvement of their sleep disorder symptoms.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Background

A solid educational background backs Dr. Avi’s experience in general dental practice and research on sleep disorders. Dr. Avi earned his degrees in dentistry from the prestigious universities in the country. He studied at Rutgers University and New York University. Dr. Avi has a potent combination of skills that include general dentistry, medicine, and psychology. Dr. Avi has been practicing as a dentist since 1999, but Dr. Avi has now put more focus on sleep disorders.

Waiakea Water: Saving the Environment One Bottle at a Time

For years the debate on whether bottled water was worth the huge negative impact it has on the environment has been the main focus of a lot of environmentalist groups around the globe. One particular company, Waiakea, is making a change to the way bottled water is packaged and creating something that will make both consumers and environmentalists happy, a truly degradable bottle.
After five years of testing and conducting experiments, Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waiakea, finally came up with a solution. The company used polymers that are similar to the properties of plastic and then adds a timeplast which is accredited to giving the plastic the biodegradable property that it needs in order to be considered safe for the environment. This bottle that Ryan Emmons created acts more as wax than it does plastic when it begins to chemically break down, and because of this phenomenal reaction that the bottle has, it is significantly reducing its carbon footprint on the environment.

Other than its incredible bottling technique, Waiakea water is known for having great tasting water as well. Ryan uses actual water that is taken straight from the Mauna Loa volcano from the big island of Hawaii. The crisp taste can be credited towards the fact that it is naturally alkaline and contains a PH level anywhere from 7.8 – 8.8 which is extremely desirable in the bottled water industry.
Another incredible property that Waiakea water contains that makes it stand out from the rest of the bottled water companies is its natural component Silica that is present in each bottle. Small amounts of silica consumed in a natural diet has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimers by 11%. Not only is this trace amount of silica great for your body but it also gives the water a smooth texture and refreshing taste. This is something not too many other bottled water companies will be able to provide.
Ryan Emmons has proven to be a leader and innovative businessman that not only cares for the environment but also the health and well being of his customers. The Waiakea Water company he created is sure to make a small carbon footprint in the environment but a large impression on the consumer’s hearts!

A Look at Elysium’s Wonderful Supplement

Elysium Health is a startup which hopes to make long term health supplements available over the counter, by passing the tough FDA regulations. The company, co-founded by Leonard Guarente, hopes to use the pill to catalyze body processes which will culminate in a noticeable slowing down of the aging process. Mr. Leonard Guarente is an MIT biologist who is 62 years of age.

However, although the drug has worked effectively on mice and rats, a challenge exists on whether it will work quite as effectively on humans as it did on rodents. Mr. Leonard Guarente admits that such experimentation could take decades to present data that can be analyzed to prove the drug’s effectiveness or lack of thereof. In order to bypass the FDA and the drug to the market so fast and without having tested it on humans first, Elysium Health packaged it as a nutraceutical. Nutraceuticals require neither any form of clinical testing or direct approval by the FDA.

This means that there have been no tests that prove that the new pill from Elysium Health will provide long term health benefits. However, the pill, named Basis, has been made with the right chemical ingredients to trigger the right metabolic processes that should prevent aging. These include nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which body cells use to perform metabolic functions that lead to the extraction of energy from glucose.

This works much in the same way as eating a diet that is low in calories and is referred to as caloric restriction. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is the main chemical in the body which allows for caloric restriction to take place effectively. However, this chemical has been proven to reduce significantly as a person ages, reducing the caloric restriction and the effects of this process on the human body. The result of this reduction in nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is aging, inevitably.

The formula for Basis seems to have hit a note with the right people if the kind of backing they have received is anything to go by. It has received endorsements from the former director of the dietary supplements of the FDA Mr. Daniel Fabricant. It also has a total five Nobel Peace Prize laureates including Jack Szostak, Eric Kandel, Thomas Südhof and the 2013 laureate in Chemistry Martin Karplus. In fact, so confident is Mr. Karplus with the Basis pill that he has ordered to receive a supply of the pill as soon as it is available.

Leonard Guarente is confident that Basis will be an effective supplement. He has shown willingness to put his career and reputation on the line to prove that he would succeed where many other doctors and some quacks before him have failed. He insists that follow up tests will be carried on their customers to ascertain the effectiveness of the pill moving forward.

Louis Chenevert Successful Path in Business

Montreal, Quebec is where Louis Chenevert was born and raised. His attained his bachelors from HEC Montreal, an affiliated of the University of Montreal. With a bachelor’s degree in production management, Louis has turned out to be among the most influential businessmen today. Principals and strategies that he has developed are in effect and have been adopted by many.
Louis Chenevert’s Success at United Technology Corporation
Louis was instrumental in elevating UTC to the level it is at currently. At the moment it is amongst the best research and manufacturer of high technology products in the world. Louis focus and imagination has been significant in achieving this success. During his time at UTC, the company experienced excellent financial performance. It was named the most profitable conglomerate company in the United States of America.
With such an excellent performance Louis went a step further and acquired Goodrich for $16.3 billion. This acquisition is among the most significant aerospace deals in the history of America. This transaction enabled UTC to emerge as a fully fledged company producing products fully.
After stepping down in 2014 as the CEO of UTC, Louis is still considered the pillar of the company. The company continues to use his principles in its activities. The principles and values he put in place before leaving the company are applied.
Louis Chenevert’s Career and Other Successes
Louis began his career at general motors working there for fourteen years. While working at General Motors, he was able to rise to the rank of the production manager. General Motors started performing well financially with Louis as the production manager. The good performance made him easily recognizable, and many companies became interested in his services.
In the year 1993, he joined Pratt and Whitney a company that deals with aircraft engines. In six years the company’s unit performance had risen incredibly. He was then appointed as the president of the company a post he held until the year 2006. After coming out Pratt and Whitney, he joined United Technologies Corporation (UTC).
In the year 2011 and 2012, Louis served as the vice chair of the executive committee of the business council. He resigned from being the CEO of UTC in 2014. One year after that he took the role of exclusive advisor in the Merchant Banking Division at Goldman Sachs.

How Ricardo Tosto is Establishing Himself in the Brazilian Law Industry

Currently, Brazil is considered one of the fastest developing countries. The country is considered the best to invest in and many investors are rushing in to have a piece of the pie. Nonetheless, big corporations require experienced and prominent lawyers to represent them and provide legal counsel in respect corporate law. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho happens to be among the most sought-after attorneys in Brazil. This is because of his understanding of Corporate and Litigation Law. The country has undergone various changes in respect to stock exchange frameworks and the corporate brands require lawyers who are conversant with the changes and read full article.

Lawyers like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho are able to approach the new regulations wisely for the benefit of the client. There are also a number of laws that affect and protect the workers. Such laws deal with insurance, compensation, and debt cases. Good and effective lawyers need to have an in-depth understanding of the law and be able to advise the client accordingly. Ricardo is well known for this, and he is establishing himself among the greats in the profession and what Ricardo Tosto knows.


About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent corporate and litigation lawyer. He is the co-founder and head of Leite Tosto Barros Advogados, a popular Brazilian law firm. He graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University with a Law Degree. He is among the top rated advocates when it comes to Brazilian entrepreneur matters. He has represented a number of prominent individuals, politicians and corporate groups and his Linkedin.


Legal Merits

Ricardo Tosto is the most merited lawyer at the firm due to his rich portfolio in Litigation cases. He is recorded to have led the campaign team of Paul Malut, former presidential candidate. He is very experienced in Financial Law and he is able to assess the various financial details and make a legal assessment based on the audits. He has won numerous law awards and the most notable one is the Best Brazilian Lawyer Award. Today, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an active member of the International Bar Association and



The Brazilian legal industry plays an important role in the corporate sector. Lawyers like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho are in demand due to the rise in corporate and litigation cases. Ricardo’s quality law experience is highly celebrated in Brazil and contact him.