Glen Wakeman’s success at 5AM Ventures

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of Launch Pad Holdings Lcc founded in 2015. In 1981 he graduated from University of Scranton with a BS in Economics and Finance. Glen also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago. He is also Six Sigma Black Belt certified. Wakeman had a successful career start up at P&L and GE capital where he held developmental business positions. While at GE Capital he founded Nova Four a company dealing with retail banking, commercial banking, institutional securities mortgage banking and insurance agency operation (Phillypurge). He became its president whereby, the Company’s Directors recognized him as a role model on growth matters. Having been both a resident of six countries and being involved in business operations in 30 regions globally made him a great career achiever; therefore, he deserves recognition.


Wakeman has made a great impact in the business world has managed more than 17000 staff members and assets worth around $15bn and ensuring their successful development. His scope of work includes offering guidance to starters entering a new market as well as exponential growth. He has a proven record of 5 key performance areas of human capital, risk management, execution, leadership and governance, capital, leadership and risk management. He has created multiple products and creating a network ranging to over 1000 branches and signed dozens of partnerships.He has been able to share his insights through blogs on the matter to do with management and administration, international fiscal issues as well as emerging markets (InThePress). His frequents blogs offer advice to many on issues to do with business transformation such as global affairs, leadership, and emerging markets. Moreover, counsel on strategy capital raising and angel financing is evident.


From the interview, Glen Wakeman says that the idea of developing LaunchPad Holdings LLC come about through matching of money and idea which is something he likes doing. He also says that he has learned that many ideas from talented startups end up failing. According to him, ideas are not plans he, therefore, decided to make a plan of designing a simpler software platform that gave birth to launch pad holdings.

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