Jorge Moll a Significant Contributor in the Brazilian Health Sector

Jorge Neval Moll Filho is a businessperson and a cardiologist based in Brazil. Moll is the founder of Rede D’Or São Luiz, a group of hospitals spread across the nation. The Star Cup form part of the hospital network, and it is one of the most innovative hospitals in Brazil. The Star Cup is designed to match the standards of a five-star luxury hotel, where patients receive unrivaled services in the health industry. Besides boosting sufficient workforce that can handle cardiology and neurology surgeries, the hospital also uses advanced equipment and technology to deliver its services.


The design of the hospital is unique from conventional hospitals. The Star Cup features magnificent arts including those of Yutaka, a famous Japanese painter. The annex area facilitates easier movement of patients and employers (idor). This unique facility has been designed to allow natural lighting of the rooms. A restaurant is among the exquisite features of this high-end hospital. The Star Cup is the first facility in this new category of hospitals. However, Rede D’Or São Luiz plan to establish more hospitals of this kind in different cities of Brazil.


Moll, who serves as president of the D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching, believes that adopting appropriate technology in the health sector can greatly improve patient care and treatment. This explains why the new hospital in Copacabana has invested heavily in technology. In one of his talks about the role of technology in moving medicine forward, Jorge Moll says medicine cannot be isolated from technology. Therefore, there is the need for various stakeholders of the health sector in Brazil to work closely to heighten the level of health innovations in the country.


Recently Jorge Moll was invited to give a presentation on innovative visions of entrepreneurship management in health. Moll’s focus was on Health Trends and Impacts of Hospital Management. He started the presentation by giving a lengthy explanation on the journey he has worked in creating one of the biggest networks of hospitals in Brazil. He emphasized that the management of hospital should focus on quality and finally ended his speech by saying entrepreneurship needs to be stimulated in Brazil.

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