Stream Energy’s Position on Global Warming

Stream Energy offers conservative energy solutions to its customers. It is one of the leading and largest direct selling energy companies in the world revolutionizing the process of direct selling. The company has generated $8 billion since its founding in terms of total revenue. The organization uses multi-level marketing from which its associates earn commissions from recruiting new customers and also from selling to its current customers. The associates often hold local meetings to promote the concept while ultimately generating more recruits.


Stream Energy services are currently available in selected states in the USA a few being Texas, Georgia and Illinois. Its headquarters are in Stemmons Freeway in Dallas though there are plans to move its corporate offices to Addison along the Dallas North Tollway. Stream Energy provides Wireless, Energy, Protective and Home services to its customers keeping them connected wherever they are.


A large number of scientists agree that global warming is a human-caused phenomenon. Many organizations have strung up to try and address the increased demand for green energy since the use of fossil energy emits a lot of carbon dioxide in the environment (Facebook). This carbon dioxide is majorly blamed for global warming as scientists believe it causes the greenhouse effect. Stream Energy has taken part in green energy program dubbed as the “Green & Clean Plan” which provides its customers with a plan from which they have an option to purchase green energy from renewable sources. An intelligent sprinkler system that regulates water usage is also inclusive in the plan.


Aside from coming up with measures to curb the use of fossil-based fuels, Stream Energy has a sight for philanthropy. The President and CEO of Stream Energy Larry Mondry affirms that the company is committed to supporting the Red Cross as they try to offer relief. The organization donated $25000 through Stream Cares in response to the damages caused by Hurricane Harvey’s descent on the Texas and Louisianan coasts. The organization has also established a scheme where its associates can make tax-deductible donations in support of the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

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