Gregory Aziz and the Changes in National Steel Car

Similarly, to other companies that have been around for over a century, National Steel Car too has its long and eventful history. The company emerged on the market right before the manufacturing of freight cars had reached its peak. That allowed the business to swoop in the leading place on the market right from its first product. The fast success had investors lining to put their money in the future of National Steel Car.



The business later had several complications. First, here was the Great Depression that wiped out a vast number of companies and other rarely managed to make it through the tough times. National Steel Car barely survived too by after the Great depression had passed, the company started flourishing again as the Second World War broke out after that. The War created a vast number of orders for railroad transportation cars and that allowed National Steel Car and other such businesses to grow and gain momentum once again. Find Additional Information Here.



The orders, however, ceased as rapidly as they had started to pile up. National Steel Car lost its momentum and did not regain it for many years after that. Instead, the business entered a plateau that seemed never-ending. It was nothing killing the company or providing it with an opportunity to grow. The former owner of the company was Canadian business Dofasco who had tried to revive it but ultimately failed and sold off National Steel Car to Gregory James Aziz.



Nowadays, when it comes to the manufacturing of railroad freight cars, National Steel Car ranks among the top providers in Canada. National Steel Car pioneers new and innovate solutions in their railroad freight car design and manufacturing, placing them ahead of many local competitors in the industry. Gregory J Aziz worked hard to re-establish National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz’s focus was on growth and restructuring. After a handful of years, Greg James Aziz had brought the number of employees from 600 to 3 500. The capacity for railroad cars production had also increased from 300 to 12 000 a year. That is rather impressive considering National Steel Car had been weakened considerably.



Greg James Aziz has very high regard for the way National Steel Car operates now. The company started doing business with US clients several years ago, and it had also become a valued part of its community in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory James Aziz that National Steel Car is part of the legacy of Canadian business.