Orange County Rowing – The Giant Killer

Located in scenic Costa Mesa, Orange County Community College services over twenty-four thousand undergraduate students every year. It was opened in 1948 using leftover assets from World War II, included now deactivated Santa Ana Army Air Base. OCC as it’s known, offers a variety of associate’s degrees, as well as lower division classes to help transfer to a four year institution. It’s currently one of the top transfer institutions in the country, currently ranked third in California. Part of the schools notoriety is due to the success of the OCC crew team. Learn more:


Rowing crew is one of the truly amateur sports left in the country, and bears a storied tradition. It involves boats of 8 men/women rowing a course for a time. It’s the oldest intercollegiate sport in the US. Almost every major school has a crew team, well known and successful ones include Harvard, Yale, Penn, and Washington. Not nearly as well known, but just as successful, Orange County’s crew teams are well trained, and have a long history of national success. They stay afloat with teams from larger schools like Michigan, Virgina, UCSB, and more. They’ve captured eleven national titles, and has seen ten former rowers compete in world championships and the Olympics. What makes this success spectacular, is the fact that many of their rowers are brand new to the sport in their first year. Steve Morris has done this for decades now, and year after year, he finds a way to reliably build himself a giant killer.