Richard Blair – Financial Advice for Families and Businesses

Mr. Richard Blair is the founder of a large registered investment advisory firm called Wealth Solutions Inc. The company has its headquarters in Austin, in the state of Texas.


Mr. Richard Blair was born in Texas. He attended the University of Houston from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in the field of Finance. Mr. Richard Blair has been working in the sector of finance ever since he graduated in 1993. His natural affinity to education in his talent for finance created his idea of founding Wealth Solutions. The finance firm exists in order to help families, individuals, as well as businesses, be more efficient with the planning of their finances and investments. The company of Wealth Solutions was created in 1994. Wealth Solutions offers a number of services such as asset preservation, advisory, personalized financial planning, retirement planning, and more. Mr. Richard Blair has a vast number of certifications. Some of them include Retirement Income Certified Professional®, Certified Estate, and Trust Specialist®, Certified Income Specialist®, Certified Tax Specialist®, and a couple of more. Mr. Richard Blair has been working in the sector of finance for 25 years. Learn more:


The company of Wealth Solutions has a skilled team of experts and leaders. Mr. Richard Blair has been working at the position of Chief Investment Officer (CIO). The rest of the team includes specialists that have been with the company for many years. Mrs. Kathleen Neck who is responsible for Human Resources and Special Projects. She has been with the company of Wealth Management for more than a handful of years. Mrs. Vashanti Mehta has been working as the Director of Operations. She has been in the business for more than two decades. As the Executive Associate is working Mr. Karen Mosich, who has a background in hotel management and is talented at client service. Learn more:


The company of Wealth Solutions, Inc. currently employs less than a hundred people. Mr. Richard Blair has established more than just a business. He has created a family and a secure help for his clients to turn to in need of financial advice. Mr. Richard Blair has been educating people on all things finance. Business owners have been enjoying his help, especially local businesses. A sound financial plan is an essential factor for the success of every business. Mr. Richard Blair has been providing financial advice to families and individuals as well, and his company has been growing steadily.Learn more:


Glen Wakeman: Offering Structure to Startups

Start with a man who has over two decades of experience in business and finance, incorporate a lifetime of living and working in different cultures around the globe, then toss in a healthy dose of passion for helping others grow and develop, and you have Glen Wakeman.


In 2015, Mr. Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC and currently serves as CEO. His company offers SAAS products that help organizations transform their ideas into viable structures. Throughout his career, Glen Wakeman has focused on mentoring and developing the entrepreneurial talents of people he recognized as having potential.


Before LaunchPad, he founded Nova Four and served as president of the company. Nova’s goal was accelerating new companies by advising about strategy and providing access to capital.


Glen used the lessons he learned over his lengthy career to create a growth system focused on five performance areas; execution, governance, human capital, leadership, and risk management. The method works especially well for startups but also companies involved in mergers, entry into new markets, and divestitures.


In addition to creating the automated business planner, LaunchPad Toolkit, to help businesses get organized, Mr. Wakeman is also an accomplished writer and shares his knowledge about general business subjects through a series of blog posts.

These posts cover all manner of global issues and touch on basics like leadership and market awareness. A few of Glen’srecent blog titles include; Thinking Outside the Box, A New Angle on Social Media, Three Ways to Be a Better Manager, and A Hands-On Approach to Your Business.


Glen Wakeman was born in 1968 in Miami, Florida and eventually grew up to earn an education that provided him with a solid business foundation. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago.

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The Internet of Things is the Next Big Thing According to Jason Hope

Every single day we push further along into the future where technology has a bigger hand in our day to day lives. There is a term for this phenomenon and it is called the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a term that renowned futurist, author, and entrepreneur Jason Hope has put into the public lexicon with more and more veracity. The Internet of Things refers to the way that our world is going to become connected via devices and the internet all around us. We have started to see this happen already and Jason Hope believes that there is much more to come and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

The Internet of Things, Jason Hope will readily admit, seems much like a technology that is on the fringe of acceptability — at least in terms of it being more for entertainment than day to day living at the moment. We can see the IoT being used in athletic apparel, smart phone applications, and even with smart cars becoming more and more prevalent. Still, Hope believes that there is much more to come in the future and that the Internet of Things is going to blossom accordingly. The Internet of Things, Hope believes, will one day be the largest tech industry in the world and more information click here.

We can look at the Internet of Things like the game changer that it truly is. We can see how it would really make an impact on how we live our lives if we only get a little bit creative with it. Consider the ways that first response and emergency vehicle could benefit from having streamlined traffic and GPS data sent straight to their cars. Imagine how much smoother public transit would work if the entire city block was tailored to make the ride as smooth as possible. These are just bare bones concepts that will be explored and developed in the coming years and learn more about Jason.

Hope knows that there has to be a benefit in embracing the Internet of Things that is easy to understand. He has worked tirelessly in order to bring these benefits to light as the public prepares for the Internet of Things to go mainstream and contact him.

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Litigation Services With Karl Heideck

Working With Philadelphia’s Karl Heideck

Are you looking to match up with an attorney who can give you the in-court resolution that you need? If so, hiring a litigator is a process that wills serve you well. When you hire a litigator, you are getting the help of trial lawyers who will go to court with the right information and who are able to make an argument that serves you. These trial attorneys always have a variety of specialties — be it corporate law or government litigation. Some litigators specialize in preliminary research in areas like risk management, to make sure that company’s are avoiding liabilities whenever possible.

People who live in the Philadelphia have sworn by Karl Heideck for the greater part of the last 10 years. This is how long Karl Heideck has been practicing law, and since entering the field, he has gotten the opportunity to spread his wings and learn about a lot of areas of law, while serving numerous clients. While Karl Heideck currently works for Hire Counsel in the areas of risk management and compliance, he has focused on skills and specialties such as product liability, legal writing, legal research and corporate law.

Karl Heideck’s current began in a bright manner, having graduated from Temple University with honors. He took this prestigious degree and passed the state bar, allowing him to work for a number of different firms. Now that he is at Hire Counsel, which he has been for the past 2 years or so, you owe it to yourself to touch base to this company to see what they can do for you.

You can always expect great service when you hire Karl Heideck. He will make sure that every question you have is answered and every matter is treated with importance. His reputation is awesome in the Philadelphia area, and the numerous people he has served speaks for itself. This is why it is very much worth your while to reach out to Karl Heideck when you require litigation services.

Schedule an appointment with Karl Heideck in order to learn more.

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End Citizens United Endorsing Sen. Whitehouse For 2018

End Citizens United has announced it’s support for U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse in his bid to win re-election in the 2018 elections. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is a Democrat from Rhode Island who has served in the U. S. Senate since 2007. End Citizens United is a political action committee, founded in 2015, dedicated to the reversal of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision of 2010. Senator Whitehouse has been a frequent critic of this ruling, that makes it easy for corporations to influence our elections. The Senator from Rhode Island is known as a champion of campaign finance reform.


The Senator is so opposed to the decision he has written a book on the subject, Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy, published in 2017. In his book, Whitehouse states his case for more transparency in political spending and donations. In recent Senate hearings, he questioned Neil Gorsuch about the massive amounts of money spent in the campaign to secure his Supreme Court nomination. Whitehouse sometimes accused of overlooking amounts donated to Democratic candidates; he remains steadfast in his opposition to Citizens United. There are two Republicans considering a challenge to his re-election. State Rep. Robert Nardolillo and Robert Flanders a retired state Supreme Court Justice are two possible candidates.


Since it’s founding in 2015 End Citizens United has grown from a small grassroots political action committee to a dominant force in electing candidates committed to ending the practice of allowing vast sums of untraceable money into our political system. The 2010 Supreme Court decision, known as Citizens United, makes it possible for unions, corporations and wealthy individuals to contribute unlimited funds to candidates they assume will further their causes. This practice has brought about the creation of what are known as super PACs that direct the donated money to wherever they choose.


The name itself, End Citizens United, best describes the mission of the committee. Their efforts directed to Democratic-aligned individuals who are determined to overturn this poor decision. Realizing it will take significant amounts of money to help elect like-minded candidates the committee has also formed a traditional PAC. In their first year of operation, they raised around $25 million to support candidates in the 2016 election cycle. The results for 2017 reflect the growing interest in End Citizens United, around 100,000 people made donations in the first quarter of the year, with 40,000 of those being first-time donors. Reaching over $4 million thus far with projections of over $35 million by the 2018 elections. The average contribution is $12, making it possible for the ordinary citizen to fight back against the super wealthy.


The election of Donald Trump has energized Democrats to take action and fight back against his nominees and agenda. One of the best ways to do this is to elect candidates who are willing to overturn Citizens United and return our elections to the citizens of the country.

Kim Dao’s Plans for Leaving Japan

Kim Dao is known as one of the most popular YouTubers in the beauty and lifestyle section. For the last few months, she has been living abroad in Japan from her home in Australia, but in a recent video, Kim Dao unveiled in a recent video that she will move back home to Australia for a time, but she also has many other plans to keep traveling. Learn more:


Places Planned for Travels


At current, Kim Dao stated in her recent video that she has more traveling plans in the future. She has a project that she will be working on in South Korea, so she will be spending a total of two weeks there, but the time is split amongst two trips. The second, week-long trip lands right in the middle of her seven-week trip to Europe. Some places she plans to visit in Europe include London, Florence, and Berlin. After all of her travels, she plans to remain at her home in Australia. Learn more:


Meetups in Different Countries


During her travels, Kim Dao plans to try and schedule as many meetups with her fans in various countries as possible. In the video, she invites fans of her channel to contact her through social media and commentary on YouTube to let her know some of the most popular places where she needs to plan to meet with her fans. Learn more:




While Kim Dao plans to do much traveling and vlogging along the way, she notes that she never, really planned on staying in Japan for good. It took her almost three years to save for this extended visit, but she suggests that people who want to travel abroad should find ways to do so themselves in order to take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime.


The CEO Of Meat And Food: Sheldon Lavin!

Sheldon Lavin is an entrepreneur in the meat and food industry. Currently, he is the CEO of the OSI International Group for meat and food processing. He has really made it far in his career because of his work in the meat and food industry. Sheldon makes it his priority the products he is marketing are in the best quality condition for the consumer. In fact, he worked for a domestic company before he entered into the international market.

Sheldon Lavin is so committed to his career that he has actually won the Global Visionary Award in 2016, presented by the country of India. He won this award because he works hard and watches over his employees to make sure they are safe at the work place. In fact, his employees recognize him as the best boss they have ever had. Sheldon Lavin is so dedicated to his career.

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The OSI International Group have also been recognized for their concern for the earth’s environment. These awards are for the future entrepreneurs to refer so they can continue the amazing work. Not only is he committed to work, he even finds time to help coordinate charities like Ronald McDonald House Charities. Sheldon is a big time family man because he loves to help his family succeed too! And family is just not relative, it is also neighbors alike. Sheldon honestly believes in keeping his career in the best shape for the future.

Overall, Sheldon Lavin is a hardworking, dedicated, and loving boss to his employees and for his products. Since his company is recognized worldwide as the best quality meat and food processing, he has a lot of work he constantly needs to keep up with on a regular basis. Without his employees, all of these results would not be possible. The company would not be able to market these foods to their consumers. Their system is safe and meets good standards. With that said, the company wants to grow their company and share the great work ethics and standards for a better environment for people.

Overall, OSI International Group believes in a better tomorrow.

New Growth and Opportunities: Success Academy Involvement in the Community

The impressive growth of the Success Academy charter school network through out New York City has left an extremely positive impact on many communities. Success Academy was started in 2006, and now has 41 charter schools in almost all boroughs of New York City. The schools offer families with an alternative, when the public school option within the physical location of the family has received poor ratings.


If a child, or the child’s family, does not want to be involved with the public school, they can consider other options. Home schooling, online schools, private schools, and charter schools can all be considered. The Success Academy charter schools are offered for free, and offer student’s and their families a way to pursue their education in a way that feels right to them. The increased freedom helps students to know that they are never trapped or stuck. They have options.


The impact of this added opportunity within the educational system has been reverberating across the city. Their positive impact on the community can be seen by the community reaction: more than 17,000 applications were turned in for just 3,017 seats for next year. This massive positive response is the reason that the Success Academy hopes to open more schools in the future.


The Success Academy network plans on opening two more schools in the coming year. In August 2018, the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse will become the Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts. The old, iconic building will be restored and renovated so that it can house the high school students. This will be the second high school in the SA network, and will house approximately 1,200 students. The renovation plans include science and tech labs, lecture halls, and an art gallery.


Success Academy is breathing new life into this building that has been long vacant. The new energy and excitement around the project is palpable. The schools continue to be involved with the communities of which they are a part. Offering new opportunities for growth is one of the most impressive ways that an institution can impact an area.

The QI Group of Companies Under Vijay Eswaran Grows Across More Than 30 Countries

The QI Group of Companies is a multilevel marketing firm that’s based in Hong Kong, China. The company was founded by Vijay Eswaran in 1998 at a time when the economy of Asia was in a downturn. The QI Group, under the leadership of Vijay Eswaran, has been instrumental in improving the standards of living for a countless number of people across various countries in Asia.

Vijay’s Professional Background

Vijay Eswaran’s education and previous work experience played a critical role in equipping him with the skills that would see him establish one of the most successful businesses in the e-commerce industry today.

He attended the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom where he obtained a social-economic degree in 1984. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

While in the UK, Vijay got familiar with the binary system marketing which piqued his interest. In a bid to acquire more knowledge about the binary system, he obtained a professional qualification from CIMA in the United Kingdom. In 1986, he enrolled in the Southern Illinois University where he got his MBA. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Inception and Growth of the QI Group

After returning to Asia in 1998, Vijay founded an MLM firm which grew exponentially and came to be known as the QI Group. The company, which initially focused on direct sales, is now an e-commerce multi-model conglomerate offering numerous products and services.

It has diversified into direct sales, luxury, lifestyle and leisure, property development and management, education and training, and traveling and conference management. Eighteen years later, the QI Group has grown and expanded to over 30 countries through its subsidiary companies. The company has regional offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.

Achievements of the QI Group

Barely a decade after its inception, the QI Group was enjoying an annual income of more than $750. Its annual income has been on a steady increase over the years. Vijay Eswaran has been a moving force behind the success of the company, and he has seen the creation of job opportunities across numerous countries in Asia.

Through the company, he has set up the RHYTHM Foundation which provides support for education, community development, art and culture programs, and resources necessary for effectuating sustainable growth.

Raising the Perfect Battle for Love

The Spring 2017 anime season saw the release of the second season of romance anime comedy Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata). Returning was the main male protagonist and self proclaimed otaku Tomoya Aki. In tow were the four girls returning to win his absent affection, Megumi Katou, Utaha Kasumigaoka, and Eriri Spencer Sawamura,. As with last season, Tomoya continues to only have eyes for the completion of their visual novel game. Although this is a displeasure to the girls, primarily for Utaha and Eriri, the team continues to trudge on.

For those unfamiliar with Saekano, it is worth taking a look at the first season. It can be seen as a parody of the harem genre as it is filled with tropes such as first love and childhood love. However, do not be fooled into thinking it is a generic format. Saekano offers an interesting take on a harem situation by fleshing out its characters with detailed backstory and growth. Utaha must come to terms with being idolized by Tomoya for her work rather than being a love interest. Eriri has to struggle to accept her past conflict with Tomoya when they were children. Even the aloof Megumi shows development by exhibiting jealousy and, in turn, affection toward Tomoya. The reasons behind the girls’ emotions toward Tomoya become understandable in the 12 episodes of season one. At various points in the show, every girl becomes worth rooting for in this battle for love.  Reminded me of some of my favorite 90s anime.